Jeremy Weiland

is a software developer, writer, and activist. His paid gig is at 6th Density LLC which he founded in order to work with clients to craft software solutions to business problems. As an activist in Richmond, Jeremy helps coordinate the Central Virginia Ruby Enthusiasts Group and has worked with Occupy Richmond and Richmond Industrial Workers of the World.  He is also a contributing writer at the Center for a Stateless Society and Attack the System, and his essay Let the Free Market Eat the Rich was published in the Markets, Not Capitalism compendium in 2011.  Jeremy's writing can always be found on his blog Social Memory Complex which focuses on radical politics, programming, and other matters. He also runs the aggregator site and the Richmond neighborhood blog  In his spare time he plays and writes music, hikes, codes, barbeques, and spends time with his talented and lovely wife and their beagle.

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